About Us

Who we are

Sip & Shop is a South Sudanese homegrown initiative that was established in March 2021.

Sip & Shop actively works with Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) to create a platform for business owners to enhance their brand visibility, and create a community consisting of likeminded entrepreneurs and championing female led/driven businesses to reach new heights. 

The Business industry is rapidly growing and evolving and most start up brands or businesses that have limited capacity are strongly opting to trade via e-commerce. There are many advantages to trading via e-commerce, operations costs are significantly reduced, faster buyer process, flexibility for customers, no reach limitations, a much faster consumer buyer processes, additional flexibility offered to customers, a larger outreach and around the clock availability.

Even though e-commence has proven to the be future of commerce in more developed markets, South Sudan still faces barriers and some notable challenges such as competition, IT issues, shipping logistics and limited personal connections with the customers.

Sip & Shop Juba

Our Vision

Sip & Shop therefore identified that there was huge appetite to bridge the gap between consumers and suppliers. Our events create a platform for small business owners to exhibit their brands without ensuring large financial strains to an eclectic audience.